Rara's Campaign

Plan A Rock Painting Event

Bring your community together to paint rocks and encourage victims to speak up about sexual assault.

What You Need

You will need these items to paint rocks.

Rara Rocks Painting Party

Details for the first Rara Rocks Rock Painting Party Event from 10AM - 12PM at Stribley Park in Stockton.

Rara's Rocks

All of the "Rocks" that were there for Tamara and how they helped her on her healing journey.

Social Media

How you can help spread awareness on social media.

Rara’s Motto

Heal when you reveal to your “Rocks.”

Rara’s Vision

To provide healing by encouraging sexual assault and domestic violence victims to speak up to their “Rocks.” 

Rara’s Mission

To spread awareness for sexual assault and domestic violence.
To spread awareness for the free support the community provides.
To spread awareness for mental illness and eating disorders that happen after a traumatic event like sexual assault or domestic violence.
To let sexual assault and domestic violence victims know that they are not alone.

Inspiration Behind Rara Rocks

This campaign was created by Tamara Suguitan, inspired by her big sister, Arianne Suguitan. After her assault, Tamara was in shock and didn't know what to do. Arianne was the one who gave Tamara the Women's Center information to start her healing journey.
Tamara Suguitan

Tamara Suguitan


Spiritual Rockstar on a quest to heal victims of sexual assault and domestic violence.

Arianne Suguitan

Arianne Suguitan

Tamara's Rock

A Kindergarten teacher and inspiration behind Rara Rocks.

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